Owners Manual Introduction


Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 615

190, 192 and 194 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario

Owner’s Manual

Website:  www.192jarvis.com

Last Revision: April 2014




The material contained on this website represents information that will be useful to the owners of condominiums or places of business at 190, 192 and 194 Jarvis Street.

A binder containing each of the pertaining documents is soon to be distributed to each owner.

A large proportion of the information is that which is provided by a lawyer during the sale of a condo and it is recommended that the binder should be left for the future owner if a condo changes hands.

Periodic updates can be made to the content of these subjects and will be updated accordingly to the website. Likewise, these updates will be made to the hard copies and an update will be published to the Owners Manual periodically.

The sections contained within the Owners Manual are:

Occupants Guide.

This will inform the owner how we manage the building and advise how to use the facilities.

Renovations Guidelines.

This guide is to assist the owner to plan for renovations to their unit.

Consolidated Rules and Regulations.

These rules and regulations are those which the owner shall legally adhere to.

Condo Declaration and Amendments.

The corporation’s declaration has been included for reference purposes. It is the equivalent of the articles-of-incorporation for a company or business which the corporation, representing 192 Jarvis Street, can be considered.

Condominium Management Agreement.

This represents the management agreement between the Condo Corporation and the Property Management Co. contracted to property manage our condo building.