Condo Governance

Welcome to 192 Jarvis.

Jarvis Street, named for William Jarvis, one of York’s (Toronto) earliest residents, was by late 19th century this city’s most desirable address, overflowing with opulent mansions lining its well-manicured sidewalks. The street began life in the early 1800s as a dusty trail leading up to the Samuel Peters Jarvis (William’s son) estate, Hazelburn, which was built in 1822 and stood where Jarvis and Shuter streets now intersect (For a more detailed history of the street and the surrounding area, see the following TDSB website).

Our official name is Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation # 615 (MTCC#615). It is a private Condominium Residence consisting of 48 residential suites, offices of CCVT on the second floor and an law office at 190 Jarvis. The three persons on the Board of Directors oversee day-to-day operations, set policies, supervise the operating/reserve budgets and generally represent the interests of owners and all residents. The property manager handles funds and management and executes the directives of the Board. A superintendent looks after the day to day cleaning and maintenance of the building.

New to Condo Life?

If you have been used to living in a house with your own property, Condo life represents a change. Though you own your own apartment, the ownership reaches only the “thickness of the paint”. You also share in the ownership of the rest of the building – the halls, the elevators, the first floor, the balconies, the parking area, the garden and so on. We all share in the maintenance of the building and the costs of operation are included in the monthly fees.

In order to promote pleasant living conditions for all residents, our Owners have established a number of rules and regulations, which we believe are a necessary part of the successful and satisfactory operation of your Condominium Corporation. In living together each Owner and Resident not only has certain rights but also has certain obligations to other residents. We must remember that the Rules and Regulations we establish are for our mutual benefit and comfort. You should have a copy of the rules that govern our Condo but if not please contact our property manager. The rules are posted elsewhere on the website.

Downtown Living

There are so many advantages to Downtown Living. Be sure to explore the neighbourhood. We are within walking distance of excellent shopping from the St. Lawrence Market to Eaton Centre to many local businesses. St. James Park and Allen Gardens are both nearby. Restaurants in the area cater to a variety of tastes from take out fare to fine dining. We are close to Ryerson University and George Brown College. A variety of religious facilities are available. Theatres, museums and sports venues are easily accessible. Take advantage of the walking areas nearby and enjoy the excellent transportation of the area.

Condo Business

Our Annual General Meeting for all owners is held once a year in the spring. At this time owners meet to hear reports from the Board and Management, examine the condominium budget, elect members to the Board of Directors and discuss other items of Condo Business.

Understanding the Reserve Fund

Every Condominium Corporation is required by law to establish a Reserve Fund. This fund is available for major replacement and repair of the common areas and facilities of the corporation. Sufficient money must be available to look after these needs. A Reserve Fund Study is conducted by engineers every three years to ensure that our needs can be adequately met. Part of your maintenance fee is invested in our reserve fund.

Using our Facilities

Make the most of the opportunities that are available here. They can be accessed with your apartment key:

  • Saunas – men’s and women’s saunas are here for you.
  • Showers – in both of the saunas.
  • Spa – enjoy a splash in our hot tub.
  • Gym – your opportunity to stay in shape.
  • Patio and Garden – Enjoy our outdoor space. The Barbeque is for your use.
  • Roof Top – for sun, for sightseeing or for star watching
  • Party Room & Kitchen – book your celebration or meeting with the Superintendent
  • Library – A bookcase of books and magazines is located inside the Party Room. It operates on a “help yourself” system. Take any material you would like to read. Return it when you are finished. Add any materials you feel might interest others.

Building Committees

Gardening Committee: Our gardening committee together with our hired gardener takes care of the patio gardens, the roof top space and the front entrance area. The group is always looking for ideas and help. Let the Chair of the Gardening Committee know if you are interested.

Décor Committee:  This committee meets to plan improvements to our common areas – another opportunity to get involved and share your ideas. Notify the Chair of the Décor committee if you are interested.

Social Committee: Our social committee offers a variety of events that you are invited to join. Our current list of activities include the following:

  • Holiday Party in December in the lobby to celebrate the festive season
  • Condo Tour in February to see other units that have been renovated
  • Sunset Soirée in September held on the roof with drinks and nibbles
  • Summer BBQ in June with sausages and hamburgers on our patio
  • 192 Bridge Club meets on alternate Monday afternoons in the fall and winter

Building Emergency or Problems

Contact the superintendent in the case a water leak, electrical problem or any situation requiring immediate attention.


Your Board and Management strive for effective communications. Regular newsletters from our Management will keep you informed of various issues. Our elevator and Bulletin Board announcements will keep you up to date with current happenings. Mailed information to owners will deal with important Condominium business.

We also want to hear from you. A box in the moving room is available to send messages to the Board. From time to time surveys assess the ideas and feelings of our residents. Also please communicate at any time with the condominium manager with your concerns and ideas.