Seeking Dog Walking help

Hello residents of 192 Jarvis,

My name is Andrew and I have been living in the building since January 1, 2018. My family dog recently passed away (he was 15, so it was time) and I have been strongly contemplating getting a new dog to live with me.

Currently I am looking at a 9-week-old female pomsky who will grow to  about 15 pounds. I believe I am going to follow through with the purchase. However, my only concern is the time commitment for walks and bathroom breaks etc. especially during the first few months.

I have scheduled vacation and will be working half days from home when I bring the dog home so that she can be acquainted to the space. I know many of the residents in our buildings have dogs. I was wondering if anyone would be available to take my puppy out with his or her dog after work for a walk or just to get outside to go to the bathroom until I get home. Of course, this depends on the individual’s schedule so I understand if accommodations have to be made between that individual and myself. I would also be compensating this individual with a price determined later – simply because I do not know what typical costs are for services such as this.

If you are interested in meeting a new puppy in the building and making a few extra dollars please email me at



Spring Cleaning? We can help you declutter!

If you are looking to declutter, we can help! We are organizing a clothing drive for Diabetes Canada.

Our super, Anthony, has agreed to collect the used clothing for the building. Bring your items to Anthony by June 15th, and we will schedule a truck to come for pickup.

The following is the list of acceptable items:

Clothing (all types)
Shoes and boots
Accessories and bags
Sleeping bags
General cloth items – bedding and bath items

Please note: All items must be small enough for one person to pick up and carry. No single item, bag, or box should weigh more than 40 lbs. When packing up your items, please place textile items in standard 67L capacity garbage bags and other items into medium boxes.

For more information, contact

Welcome Pop Coffee Works!

If you haven’t had a chance to try out your free new coffees from Pop Coffee Works, head on down from 7:30am to 6pm weekdays or on the weekend (hours TBD) and try a coffee, tea or espresso. Prices ranges from $2.35 to $5.25. There’s free wifi too (password: FreshCoffee). Enjoy!

Bike Room Request

Hi All:

Spring is now here and there are new people in the building. The bike cage is very full, and there are many of us that use our bikes daily that would like access to it.

If you do not use your bike, can you please remove it to allow others access to the space.

It would be greatly appreciated.

Suite 301

Request for renovation ideas!


My name is Edward Y., and I will be moving into 1402 in Feb. I plan to renovate the unit. I heard that many units have undergone renovations and was wondering if somebody could share some ideas. You can email me at

Thanks a lot for your help, and looking forward to seeing all of you in the near future!


Sad News from Anthony

Anthony asked that we share the sad news that his father-in-law passed away peacefully on Saturday night, surrounded by his wife and all eight of his children, including Dechen and Anthony. In case residents from 192 Jarvis wish to attend, Anthony provides the following information about funeral arrangements: the family has organized a funeral service on Wednesday, January 11th, from 9:30am to 10:30am.  Address: Ryan & Odette Funeral Home, 1498 Dundas St West (major intersection Dufferin and Dundas St). Cremation is 11:am . Address is 635 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M4X 1R1

Our condolences go to Dechen, Anthony, and their entire family.

Ryerson nighttime construction

For several nights the construction crew at the Ryerson residence have been smoothing concrete late into the night, and this morning they decided to fire up their smoothers at 3:30 and 4:30 am.

I have no idea how the construction company can believe this type of behaviour is okay, but it’s happening consistently and needs to be stopped.

Does anyone know who can be contacted to ensure this behaviour stops immediately or who can be contacted to make it stop if it happens again?


Response via Dan Van Willegen:

In response to a previous complaint, Dan contacted the developer, MPI, who in turn contacted Reliance Construction. The response from Reliance can be found here: Response from Reliance Construction. The bottom line from MPI is, “Unfortunately this is, at times, a necessity of high rise construction, because of the nature of concrete. The concrete work is proceeding quickly, and so we expect this condition to pass relatively soon.”

In addition, Dan advises, “Filing a report with the city at 311 is the best course of action if we believe that the builder is carrying out illegal or objectionable activities.”