The Book Exchange / Library has moved

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Re:  Relocation of the Book Exchange / Library.

The Book Exchange / Library has recently been moved from the Party Room entrance to the Hot Tub Room. It should be more accessible in this new location.

Jim and Deborah (recently of 602) kindly donated another book shelf, a chair and a large number of books when they moved out.

There are now two book shelves full of books, a table and chairs for your comfort as you search for a new book to read. The shelves are located just inside the Hot Tub Room door on the right.

If you have books that you would like to donate, please leave them next to the shelves and they will be added. We are constantly purging the shelves as new books are donated.

Thanks and Enjoy.

Book Exchange

A reminder to all residents, there is a book exchange in the Party Room on the ground floor.

There is an opportunity to either donate any books that you are wanting to discard or find something to read.