Condo Floor Plan Layout – Plumbing

Floor Plan Layout - PlumbingFor those that may need to understand where the plumbing is within a unit or on each floor, a Floor Plan Layout – Plumbing diagram has been added to the Condo Governance Section on the website. Of particular interest if you are contemplating renovations.

To obtain a larger version (readable), double click on the image and it will expand. Then move the diagram using the bars either at the bottom or right of the diagram.

The Diagram was supplied by Dan Van Willigen, our property manager.

Website Administration.

Converting phone line service from Rogers to Bell



Anthony (our Superintendent) advised that when owners change from Bell to Rogers and back to Bell for Phone line service, Rogers installs a filter box that owners need to return to Rogers office for a refund.

When Rogers removes the box after the subscriber decides to return to Bell, Rogers often does not reconnect the phone line to the Bell phone port.

Owners need to be aware of this issue as it has arisen several times and can perhaps be avoided by the owner mentioning the situation to the over-the-phone customer service representative.

If this is overlooked at the time of the change over, it will result in an additional call out of the technician and incur additional service fees.

Any further information, talk to Anthony.

Lobby Watch for Rogers customers

For those who are a Rogers customer of their TV Cable Services and may be having difficulty obtaining the Lobby Watch channel on their TV, take note.

There are three possible channels that Rogers customers will obtain the Lobby Watch. The channel that you will access is dependent upon the type of Rogers equipment  i.e. PVR box or receiver, that you have.

If you are missing the Lobby Watch channel, try one of the following three channels – 59, 988 or 998.  If you are not able to obtain the Lobby Watch picture on any one of these channels then take the problem up with Rogers Technical services.