Drain Clean-Outs

In-Suite Drain Clean-Out Installation


As you know, next week we will be undertaking major cleaning of the kitchen/washroom drainage vertical stack piping.

In order to carry out this event and future pipe cleaning projects effectively, plumbing cleanouts will need to be installed in select units.  The cleanouts are basically access points into the drainage pipes so that the plumber can more effectively clean all piping to prevent/minimize washing machine & kitchen sewage back-up, bubbling sounds/suds and gurgling.  Ideally, clean-outs are installed during building construction but this was perhaps overlooked at the time.

During last week’s unit inspection the plumber determined that clean-outs need to be installed in the units listed below during the appointed drain line cleanout day.  The location of the cleanouts will be in the small bedroom wall behind the door and in the linen closet (which needs to be cleared out by owners before the clean-out day).

  • 01 units – Monday, February 3:  Units 301, 701 and 1401
  • 02 units – Tuesday, February 4:  Units 302, 802 and 1402
  • 03 units – Wednesday, February 5:  Units 303, 703 and 1403
  • 04 units -Thursday, February 6:  Units 304, 704 and 1404

After the clean-outs are installed and the drain cleaned, at the corporation’s expense building Handyman Chris Cruceru (cruceru(at)rogers.com, 647-274-4196) will be installing two fire-rated metal access panels no larger than 24″ x 24″ and will restore the wall finish to its original colour, including painting an entire wall if necessary.  We ask that owners of those units noted above provide Chris with any paint colours/codes you might have so that the paint finish can be properly matched, where necessary.



for Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 615

Dan Van Willegen, BA, CPM, RCM

Property Manager

Green Bin Recycling has arrived (almost)

Indoor organics container

Kitchen organic recycling bins have arrived. Anthony left kitchen containers by everyone’s front door. Residents will be asked to empty organic waste into a new green container in the moving room –  but the green bins have not yet arrived. Anthony expects them to be here by the end of the week (Nov 1st).

Here’s a link to the City’s Green Bin Program.  For your convenience, here is a link to the  “What Goes in the Green Bin” info card and the city’s Green Bin Newsletter, both of which contain instructions on what does in – and what doesn’t go in – the Green Bin.

New Notice from Property Manager

 A new notice, dated Feb. 14, 2013, is available by the mailboxes. A downloadable (PDF) version of the notice can be found here, along with copies of other recent notices.

Please note: you need to login to view notices to residents of 192 Jarvis. Contact the webmaster if you need a username and password, or if you have problems accessing the site.

Snowy Jarvis Feb 8 2013

January reminders

Things have been pretty quiet at 192 over the holidays – apart from the very successful holiday party in December. Thanks to all of the party organizers. We have posted a few photos from the party, which you can check out at the “About 192 Jarvis” tab above – or simply by clicking this link.

Here are a few reminders of notices you may have already seen:

The Bridge Club will meet on Monday January 21st at 2pm in the Party Room. New members are welcome.

The Decor Committee is also looking for new members. There will be a meeting of interested residents on Wednesday, January 23rd at 7pm in the Party Room to review the revised Terms of Reference for the committee and to select a chairperson. Contact Hildy for more information.

The City of Toronto is holding a Community Consultation Meeting about 186-188 Jarvis Street. The City is considering an application to build a 27-story (583 bed) student residence for Ryerson University in the parking lot immediately to the south of our building. The planner’s background report – which highlights several serious concerns for our building – can be found here. The consultation meeting takes place at the Metropolitan United Church (56 Queen Street East, main floor) on January 22. There is an open house between 6 and 7pm, and a presentation and  Q&A  from 7 to 9pm. Questions and concerns can be directed to the city planner, Giulio Cescato, at 416-392-0459 or to Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam at 416-392-7903.

Finally, and as several owners have suggested, we will be posting notices from Dan and the Board on the website. What else would you like to see posted??

Have a good new year, everyone.

xmas 2012-b

Annual General Meeting – August 16th, 2012

The meeting will be held in the Condo Party room tonight – August 16th at 7.00pm.

Registration will commence at 6.30pm.

If a quorum is not registered by 7.00pm, the meeting will be adjourned.

A proxy, the May 19, 2011 annual general minutes, the reserve fund study/(Form 15) summary and the December 31, 2011 audited financial statements were distributed to the owners on July 9th, 2011.