Tips to Reduce Condo Costs

Can We Minimize Common Area Expenses?
Tips to Reduce Condo Costs

Heat, air conditioning and water are all included in maintenance fees. So we are all paying for ourselves and each other. These common cost utilities are budgeted at $161 000 for 2016. (The budget for 2015 was $155 000.) To reduce the actual cost (Electricity and water) you can:

  1. When you are absent from your unit lower the temperature in winter and raise the temperature in summer. (It doesn’t take long to return to comfort levels when you arrive home.)
  2. On cold windy days in winter or hot summer days use blinds, curtains or drapes to moderate the indoor temperature.
  3. Think fans instead of AC in the summer.
  4. Wash clothes more frequently in cold water.
  5. Be frugal with tap water. Use only the amount needed. Examples:
    1. Take shorter showers and fewer baths.
    2. Run dishwasher only when full.
    3. Run water intermittently rather than steadily when rinsing dishes, brushing teeth, etc.
    4. If your taps don’t already have an aerator (a small, tamper-proof plastic screen screwed onto the tap) install them and it will reduce water consumption to 5.7 litres per minute from 26 litres per minute. This easy alteration will have no effect on water pressure or temperature.
    5. If you need a new washing machine consider this: top loaders use 150-170 litres of water per load; front loaders use 53-95 litres of water per load.
    6. If you are in the market for a new toilet consider one with water saving features.

If we all make an effort towards small changes we can curb our utility costs. These ideas are in no way intended to cause discomfort to your lifestyle. We CAN reduce utility costs if we employ a group effort and practice environmentally sound habits.

Tips to Reduce Hydro Costs in our Individual Units

Can We Minimize Personal Expenses?
Tips to Reduce Hydro Costs in our Individual Units

Hydro costs went up 10% last year and we can expect at least 10% this year. There are many ideas to reduce our personal costs. When a host of them are applied, hydro bills will diminish. Here are some ideas:

1. Take advantage of off peak hours for use of electrical appliances, especially the ones that are energy gluttons like ovens and clothes dryers.
2. Turn lights off when you’re not in the room.
3. Replace incandescent bulbs with LED’s or CFL’s which use 3 times less energy.
4. Turn your computer off when you are finished with it.
5. If you are in the market for new appliances ensure that you purchase energy efficient ones.
6. Take the heat off of the drying cycle in your dishwasher.
7. Reduce the use of your clothes dryer. Hang some clothes to dry.
8. Use your oven less (it’s a huge energy drain). Crock pots use very little energy.
9. Take advantage of programs, rebates, coupons and sales.
10. Learn which of your appliances are energy gluttons and replace them with more efficient ones (or use them less). For example, a toaster oven uses much more electricity than a simple toaster.

Yearly cost of 4 – 60 watt or equivalent light bulbs, on from 5 p.m. till 10 p.m. daily
Incandescent $89.00
CFL’s $18.81 Savings of $70.13
LED’s $11.75 Savings of $77.25

Check out this website for more information:

Update from the Board

Greetings from the Board,

It has been a very busy year for condo improvements.

The LED lighting for indoors was completed a few months ago and we are experiencing hydro savings in the common areas where it is installed.  We have elected to also put LED lighting outdoors at the garage for further savings.

Elevator modernization is complete and related repairs to stairwells to the roof are being addressed.  Broken tiles in the south elevator will be replaced.

A new fire panel had to be installed and that project is now complete.

We are looking into cost effective methods of heating our lobby this winter.  We can all remember how frigid it was during cold spells last winter.

The Board and the decor committee continue to research ideas to increase the height of our balconies.  More research is required.

The garden area where the Pace trailer was stationed will not be restored.  Instead it will be converted into parking spaces.

While the Board has not expanded beyond three voting members there are now two officers who attend the meetings to share their ideas.  They are Don W and Paul Z.  Welcome and thank you for making this commitment.

A contractor has been chosen to convert the hot tub area to a gym.  Look for work to begin in the near future.


Barry O., Hildy H., & Judy Z.

Greetings from the Board

192 Board MembersGreetings from the Board

Much has happened in the last few months:

Onyx Fire’s installation is complete.  Now our fire safety system is updated and can communicate with the elevators.

We hope everyone is enjoying the new LED lights that have been installed in the garage, stairwells and corridors.  They have a longer shelf life, are cooler and use less energy.

Our first new elevator is completed.  Enjoy the smooth ride!

PACE is almost at height and the Ryerson residence will begin digging in June.  Nothing is yet finalized regarding the Tribute building to the west of us.  Changes in plans continue to be made.

Be sure to attend the AGM on May 27th at 7:00 p.m. in the party room.

Stay tuned for information regarding our annual BBQ in June.


Barry O’Neill, Hildy Haiplik, Judy Zwarts


Greetings from the Board

192 Board Members
Barry, Judy & Hildy

We are getting there! The new Rules and Regulations will be available soon so hunt up your old binder so we can exchange the documents. (If you don’t have a binder you will be provided with one.) Just a reminder that safety regulations require a height of 42 inches from balcony floor to top of rail. Watch for a notice from our Property Manager Dan regarding this issue. Renting out one’s unit is an acceptable practice but please refer to the guidelines in the Rules and Regulations respecting tenancies if you wish to do this (Article V in the old manual; it will be Article 6 in the new one.)

We are considering switching to LED lighting in common areas to save on our electricity bill. A trial in parts of the garage and on the 11th floor will be occurring soon. Be sure to visit these 2 places and let us know if you like the new lights. A substantial savings is predicted.

Our hot tub room is officially closed and our Decor Committee are wearing their thinking caps as they determine the repurposing of the various rooms on the ground floor level. More to come.

A new Reserve Fund Study will be taking place soon. It is required by all condominiums every 3 years. It helps us make plans to keep our home safe and efficient. The elevator replacement project is expected to begin in early 2015.

Till next time,
Barry, Hildy and Judy

AGM – June 19th @ 7pm

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of Unit Owners of Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 615 will be held in the Party Room at 192 Jarvis Street, Toronto on Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.  Registration will commence at 6:45 p.m.  If a quorum is not registered by 7:30 p.m., the meeting will be adjourned.

The Agenda for the Meeting:

1. Call to Order

2. Appointment of Recording Secretary and Scrutineers

3. Proof of Notice of the Meeting

4. Scrutineers Report on Attendance

5. Approval of Minutes of June 20, 2013

6. Presentation of December 31, 2013 Audited Financial Statements

7. Appointment of Auditor for the Year Ending December 31, 2014

8. Report on Collection of HST on Commercial Revenue

9. Confirmation of Board Decision to Remove Hot Tub and Repurpose Room to Gym

10. Rules, Occupants Guide & Renovations Manual Committee Report

11. Report on Replacement of Elevators

12. Report on Building Representatives/Relief Superintendents

13. Report on Ryerson Student Residence Development

14. Decorating Committee Report

15. Social Committee Report

16. Gardening Committee Report

17. Nominations and Election of Director

18. General Question and Answer Period (Limited to 20 Minutes)

19. Termination of Meeting

Barry O’Neill’s three-year position as director expires at the meeting.

If you’re interested in sitting on the Board but cannot attend the meeting, please express your desire to stand for election in writing and deliver it to the on-site management office or send it to Management Professionals Realty Limited. Should you wish to stand for election and if you will be attending the meeting, you may want to speak to the owners mentioning why they should elect you (over other candidates, if any). Each candidate will be allocated a few minutes to speak to the owners at the meeting.

The package of information will be sent by Dan to unit owners prior to the meeting.

Greetings from the Board

Now all of the orbital door handles have been replaced with levers which are easier to use and thus safer in the event of an emergency.

We have selected Direct Elevator for our elevator modernization project. Details will be posted as they become available.

We have no facility here to dispose of fluorescent or compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s). Neither can they be disposed of in the garbage. Please remember to take them to a disposal site. (Canadian Tire at Bay and Dundas has a disposal box in Aisle 20.)

Our AGM is set for Thursday, June 19, at 7:00 p.m. in the Party Room. See you there. Two days later (Saturday, June 21) we can all party at our annual BBQ. More info will follow but save those dates on your calendar.

This year there will be 5 rooftop vegetable gardens. While their produce will be luscious and tempting, just a reminder that all of the veggies are solely the property of the farmer who planted them. There are herbs in the back garden (off the Party Room) that are for all the residents of the building to share.

On the rooftop we now have a blue recycling bin. A reminder that it is exclusively for recycling material. Please refrain from using it as a garbage receptacle.

Thanks to Sam Z. for laying the new floor in our Party Room kitchen.

Till next time,

Barry, Hildy and Judy

Greetings from the Board

While the waste pipe clean-out project was an inconvenience to some of us it was a timely project. At our AGM we will have samples of blocked pipes to show you how necessary it was to initiate this project.

At last year’s AGM Hildy reported on the results of the survey that had been conducted previously. Your input indicated that the hot tub was used by few and removing it was a possibility approved by many. At this year’s AGM we will be asking you if this opinion remains a majority. If so, we will take steps to remove it (and thus save hydro and maintenance costs). Moving the exercise room to the hot tub room is a distinct possibility. Imagine having windows and a door you can open while you exercise! So start thinking about what you would like to see happen.

Till next time,

Barry, Hildy and Judy