Condo Tour – November 13

192 Jarvis Condo viewWe have seven condos that will be included in the upcoming condo tour taking place November 13 starting at 2.00 pm.

We propose a social afternoon where some residents can show finished or ongoing renos and other just a social visit.

This is an opportunity to explore new designs for kitchen, bathrooms and even modifications to layout or explore window treatments, furnishings, colours and use of art to make the home comfortable and livable.

Starting in the lobby we will visit each unit for about 15 – 20 minutes, a taste of wine and a few nibbles before moving on.

Important: Registration is required. Either pick up an envelope by the mailboxes in the lobby or email your name(s) and unit number to

This tour is for 192 Jarvis residents only.

Condo Social Committee

Ryerson nighttime construction

For several nights the construction crew at the Ryerson residence have been smoothing concrete late into the night, and this morning they decided to fire up their smoothers at 3:30 and 4:30 am.

I have no idea how the construction company can believe this type of behaviour is okay, but it’s happening consistently and needs to be stopped.

Does anyone know who can be contacted to ensure this behaviour stops immediately or who can be contacted to make it stop if it happens again?


Response via Dan Van Willegen:

In response to a previous complaint, Dan contacted the developer, MPI, who in turn contacted Reliance Construction. The response from Reliance can be found here: Response from Reliance Construction. The bottom line from MPI is, “Unfortunately this is, at times, a necessity of high rise construction, because of the nature of concrete. The concrete work is proceeding quickly, and so we expect this condition to pass relatively soon.”

In addition, Dan advises, “Filing a report with the city at 311 is the best course of action if we believe that the builder is carrying out illegal or objectionable activities.”