Responding to Noise Problems from Pace Condo

Pace Condo - Floors 4 - 6As mentioned in a previous post, several residents of 192 Jarvis have complained about noise coming from balconies at the Pace Condo building. If you experience problems with unreasonable levels of noise, or noise late at night, we encourage you to contact Pace Security at 416-214-2712. You might also want to speak to our Property Manager, Dan V., since he has established a good working relationship with the property manager at Pace.

Keep in mind that noise complaints will likely be most effective if you can provide as much detail as possible: Where is the noise coming from (see next paragraph)? What is the nature of the noise? What time did it start/stop? Has this previously been a problem?

Pace has provided us with floor plans of their building to assist us in identifying which apartments are creating noise. There are three different plans. The first shows the apartments on floors 3 to 6 (the first two floors are retail space). The second floor plan shows Floor 7 (immediately below the amenities floor), which is slightly different from the other floors of the podium. The third plan shows the apartments for the tower, floors 9 to 43. The amenities floor is located on level 8.

You can find the floor plans here (or by clicking the image to the right). The can also be found under the “Condo Governance” tab on the homepage.