The LIFE Institute Announces new courses

lifeThe LIFE Institute – Ryerson University – announces the courses for Fall, 2015.

To review our Fall 2015 program, please visit the LIFE website and click on COURSES.

You can sort the courses alphabetically, by category or day of the week using the Search ‘pull-downs’ located on the left side of the web page.

Registration begins at 7:00 a.m. on Monday, August 17. Popular courses fill up quickly.

Q&A: Gym Update

Q: Not really a post but more of a question. There seems to be no progress what so ever with the gym. We have seen two AGM’s come and go and no tangible signs of change or progress report with regards to the plans. Is there still a plan to move the gym into the sauna area, or has that changed?

A: Here is response prepared by the Board & Dan: “The board and management realize that there have been delays in this area but they have not been unjustified. The matter has been a monthly board meeting agenda item and progress has been made but the board and management are working with the decorating committee and an architect, and over time there have been several changes to the design in order to meet budget. We now have one firm bid based on revised specifications and we’re seeking two others from known contractors before making a final decision. We’re hopeful that the renovations will be completed during the next several months.”