Garden District Area Draft Policies


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You may be interested in seeing City plans for our area. Guilio Cescato, City of Toronto Planner, has provided a link to the City’s draft policies relating to the Garden District Area. They can be found by clicking on the map above or here.

Greetings from the Board

192 Board Members
Barry, Judy & Hildy

We are getting there! The new Rules and Regulations will be available soon so hunt up your old binder so we can exchange the documents. (If you don’t have a binder you will be provided with one.) Just a reminder that safety regulations require a height of 42 inches from balcony floor to top of rail. Watch for a notice from our Property Manager Dan regarding this issue. Renting out one’s unit is an acceptable practice but please refer to the guidelines in the Rules and Regulations respecting tenancies if you wish to do this (Article V in the old manual; it will be Article 6 in the new one.)

We are considering switching to LED lighting in common areas to save on our electricity bill. A trial in parts of the garage and on the 11th floor will be occurring soon. Be sure to visit these 2 places and let us know if you like the new lights. A substantial savings is predicted.

Our hot tub room is officially closed and our Decor Committee are wearing their thinking caps as they determine the repurposing of the various rooms on the ground floor level. More to come.

A new Reserve Fund Study will be taking place soon. It is required by all condominiums every 3 years. It helps us make plans to keep our home safe and efficient. The elevator replacement project is expected to begin in early 2015.

Till next time,
Barry, Hildy and Judy

The Sign of More to Come

As you may have heard via the electronic grapevine – or maybe you noticed this while walking around the area, but here’s a sign of what’s to come. Expect to hear news about efforts in 192 Jarvis to organize a response to the development proposal.


192 RIDE

192 RIDE

Share a ride on 192 RIDE

Your website committee has decided to try a new venture offering a service to residents. It’s a ride share or car pool idea. If you plan to go somewhere during the next week and would be willing to take someone with you, then post this information on the “Add a New Post” tab of our website.

You need to let us know the following: Click on “Add a New Post”

  1. Where you are going and duration
  2. Date and time of leaving
  3. Your name – first names only please
  4. Contact information – phone number

Note: If you are not comfortable listing your phone number, contact our webmaster and we can set you up with a private e-mail address (for example, “”). Messages sent to this new address will be automatically forwarded to your personal email address.

Some possible Examples

Going to Costco on Tuesday, April 1 at 2:30 – Plato 416 111-1111

Going to Taragon Theatre on Wed, April 2 at 1:00 – Aristotle 416 111-1112

Going to Kensington Market on Sat, April 5 at noon. Staying for lunch – Kant Shopping at No Frills on Front, Thurs April 3 at 10:00 – Socrates

Decor Committee Meeting – August 14th

Condo Building - 192 Jarvis Street, Toronto

There will be a meeting of the Decor Committee on

Thursday, August 14th at 7PM

in the Party Room to discuss the new gym.

Anyone interested in attending the meeting or

joining the Décor Committee is welcome to attend.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Victoria D – Chair, Décor Committee

“Come to LIFE”

The LIFE Institute at Ryerson University offers opportunities for education, leadership, personal growth and social activities for people 50+ who enjoy learning.

The list of courses for the Fall is now available. Registration begins at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, August 6. Here is a link to the website:

Take a look at the course offerings to see whether any would interest you. For further information call Rae or Geoff 416 214-6357