Drain Clean-Outs

In-Suite Drain Clean-Out Installation


As you know, next week we will be undertaking major cleaning of the kitchen/washroom drainage vertical stack piping.

In order to carry out this event and future pipe cleaning projects effectively, plumbing cleanouts will need to be installed in select units.  The cleanouts are basically access points into the drainage pipes so that the plumber can more effectively clean all piping to prevent/minimize washing machine & kitchen sewage back-up, bubbling sounds/suds and gurgling.  Ideally, clean-outs are installed during building construction but this was perhaps overlooked at the time.

During last week’s unit inspection the plumber determined that clean-outs need to be installed in the units listed below during the appointed drain line cleanout day.  The location of the cleanouts will be in the small bedroom wall behind the door and in the linen closet (which needs to be cleared out by owners before the clean-out day).

  • 01 units – Monday, February 3:  Units 301, 701 and 1401
  • 02 units – Tuesday, February 4:  Units 302, 802 and 1402
  • 03 units – Wednesday, February 5:  Units 303, 703 and 1403
  • 04 units -Thursday, February 6:  Units 304, 704 and 1404

After the clean-outs are installed and the drain cleaned, at the corporation’s expense building Handyman Chris Cruceru (cruceru(at)rogers.com, 647-274-4196) will be installing two fire-rated metal access panels no larger than 24″ x 24″ and will restore the wall finish to its original colour, including painting an entire wall if necessary.  We ask that owners of those units noted above provide Chris with any paint colours/codes you might have so that the paint finish can be properly matched, where necessary.



for Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 615

Dan Van Willegen, BA, CPM, RCM

Property Manager

Ryerson Residence Update

We received a brief update  from Tom Powers at MPI Group concerning their application for a Ryerson student residence at 186 Jarvis St:

Rye Res Pic

“Our revisions to the site plan application were finally submitted in mid November (based on the revised drawings we reviewed with you) and we received comments from the various municipal departments at the beginning of January.  While there were a number of technical comments (as any project of this scope may have), we believe that they can all be addressed satisfactorily with the municipal departments and the consultants and engineers are working on finalizing these clarifications currently.  We have scheduled a meeting with the Councillor next week to take her through the final drawings.  These have not changed from the drawings that were provided to you in our final meeting and the email that was further provided to you after our meetings with planning on the front façade (glazing and setting back the glazing to enlarge the sidewalk areas) that were presented to you in the late summer and early fall (I attach a copy again).  I understand that the Councillor has also requested a further community meeting which is going to be on February 11th and I understand that details will be sent from the City.  Ryerson remains committed to the project and we are moving the application forward as quickly as possible.  At this point, there is nothing that appears to be new to the project (from the details discussed with you previously).” 

Here are the details for the Community Meeting:

When: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 from 6 pm – 9 pm
Where: 240 Jarvis Street – London and Paris Rooms


According to the recent newsletter from Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, the City received the rezoning application for a 27-story student residence building. The total number of residential dwelling units is 197 with 16 vehicular parking spaces. For additional information, visit the City Planning website here.

Greetings from the Board

192 Jarvis Condo view

Happy New Year to all.

We are starting the new year with our new boilers in place.  Final clean-up is all that remains.

The bike storage improvements are on hold pending the outcome of our projected year-end operating surplus. Residents can help by removing any bicycles that are no longer being used.

We are investigating replacing our present lighting system in the garage and hallways with energy and cost saving innovations. We’ll keep you posted.

Ways of piping warm air from the moving room into the lobby are being considered, as you undoubtedly noticed how frigid our lobby was on bone-chilling days.

After reviewing 3 proposals, an elevator replacement consultant has been chosen and we are now ready to move forward on this important issue.

Till next time,

Barry, Hildy and Judy

Bridge Club News

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192 Bridge Club

Starts Again for 2014
Happy New Year


Monday, January 13
2:00 p.m.

Party Room

Monday, January 27
2:00 p.m.
Party Room

New Members Welcome

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