Pace Condo Update – November 20, 2013

Hello All,

Well it’s hard to believe a year has gone by already! It seems like yesterday we were mobilizing equipment on site preparing for our journey down and today we are half way up with our parking garage where we anticipate being back at ground level by February. Tucker Hi Rise

In the coming months you can expect a lot of the same activity happening on site. Each level of parking is divided into 4 slab pours. Scaffold and plywood is erected temporarily to allow us to put the rebar in place and prepare for the concrete pour. Once the concrete has reached 75% of its design strength we are able to “strip” the plywood and scaffold from below and reuse it for the following pours. As we complete a slab pour the next step is to form and pour concrete for the walls and columns to the underside of the next level of parking. This process is repeated until we reach ground level where the formwork will get a little more complicated as there are many different slab levels and beams that will carry our structure upwards.

The majority of our deliveries at this time is concrete and rebar. They are the two main ingredients of the building now. Rebar will arrive on site in the morning usually the day after a slab pour, that’s when we have more space available to land material on the newly poured concrete floor. We schedule our concrete for early afternoon when we pour our walls and columns, this allows us time in the morning to move and set the forms in place to prepare for these pours. For our slab/floor pours we try to start mid-morning because the volume that is needed usually takes about 9 full trucks of concrete and the later we finish pouring means the later the cement finishers are done. These are the workers that stay late after we leave to smooth the top surface of the floor as the concrete hardens. From the time we start to pour and the time the floor is smooth typically puts these workers being done around 9:00pm on a good day. Unfortunately there are days when our concrete supplier doesn’t deliver concrete to the site on time or they have break downs at their plant. We would then finish pouring at 6 or 7 in the evening, which puts the cement finishers wrapping up later then we would like. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we try our best to respect your neighborhood given the job at hand. If there any questions or concerns please feel free to knock.

We will most likely close the site on the 24th of December and return on January 2nd. So at this time I would like to wish you all the best during the holiday season as we all spend time with family and friends.


Larry Fiore
Site Manager
Tucker HiRise

Who’s who @ 192: Growth on an upper lip

Geoff (1102) offers the next instalment of his regular series, “Who’s Who @ 192.” The series is intended to highlight the significant accomplishments, milestones and achievements of residents of 192 Jarvis, so we can get to know each other a bit better:

MikeMichael (1202) is sporting the start of a new moustache in support of Movember Canada. This is a global charity with a vision to improving men’s health – particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. Mike is participating as a “Lone Wolf”. If you would like to support him, click here to donate.

Mike has his challenges. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Thirteen years ago a serious infection destroyed his kidneys. He had a kidney transplant with his mother donating one of hers. He must take immuno-suppressant medications and says he must eat a healthier diet than the average person.

Mike works for “Good Foot Deliveries” – a courier company that only hires people with disabilities. They deliver letters, documents, packages and even food throughout the downtown core of the city. They travel by walking or on the TTC.

Mike is also the chap who picks up the beer, wine and liquor bottles from our bin and returns them for recycling.


Greetings from the Board

Greetings from the Board

If you’re interested in considering Bell Fibe, watch for news of their on-site visit to explain it to us.  Projected visit is late November/early December.

Another event to plan for is our December social around the Christmas tree in our lobby.  As usual, it will be a pot luck finger food event.  Dan’s firm will once again donate a gift certificate to the Grand Hotel.  Remember, you have to be there to be eligible to win.

The electrical outlet has now been installed on the rooftop patio.  You can’t miss it; it’s on the wall of the mechanical room.

It’s great to see how many of us are using the green bin for organic waste.  Go 192 Jarvis!

Till next time,

Barry, Hildy and Judy


Photos of Halloween Fun

On October 31, the children here were out for “Trick or Treat.” H24

They ran into some scary characters at decorated apartments. A variety of treats were enjoyed. Everyone had fun.

Here are some photos of the event. They can also be found under the “About 192 Jarvis” tab (above), then go to “Condo Social Events”.

Geoff (1102)

Construction Scenes from the 9th floor


I’ve uploaded a series of photographs documenting the development of the Pace Condo project. You can find the photos here or under the ‘About 192 Jarvis” tab (above). 

I’ll soon add a page of images from 2012, and will continue to add 2-3 shots every month as construction progresses. Feel free to post your own photos of the project – or of any other scene that you think might be of interest to your neighbours.

Roy (902)