Green Bin Recycling has arrived (almost)

Indoor organics container

Kitchen organic recycling bins have arrived. Anthony left kitchen containers by everyone’s front door. Residents will be asked to empty organic waste into a new green container in the moving room –  but the green bins have not yet arrived. Anthony expects them to be here by the end of the week (Nov 1st).

Here’s a link to the City’s Green Bin Program.  For your convenience, here is a link to the  “What Goes in the Green Bin” info card and the city’s Green Bin Newsletter, both of which contain instructions on what does in – and what doesn’t go in – the Green Bin.

Who’s Who @ 192: A new doctor in the condo

Here is the first installment of Geoff’s (1102) new series, “Who’s Who @ 192.” Other profiles will follow!

Omar G. (1104)  has just completed his Doctorate in Quantum Optics (Physics) at the University of Toronto.

Omar & Marwa

He continues to work there in postdoctoral research into the study of light and lasers. He is involved with the study of Quantum Computer technology, which will bring a new dimension to computer operations. He will receive his degree at the convocation in November. His family from Egypt will join him at that time.

During the summer he also visited Egypt, where his family lives, and married Marwa – pictured here with him. Her first impressions of Canada are, “It’s very cold!” (Engineers, please get our new boilers going soon.) They visited Niagara Falls and she found it wonderful.

When you see Omar and Marwa in the building extend congratulations to Omar and welcome to Marwa.




Does anyone know when the heat will be turned on in our building?

Response from our property manager, Dan Van Willegen:

Hi All:

We plan on switching to heat as soon as possible.  A notice has already been drafted for the switch-over to occur on Wednesday but we will do it sooner if we can based on one earlier complaint this weekend and forecasted cooler temperatures moving forward.  I already have a call into Honeywell and will follow up again early tomorrow morning.

(We’ve had 20C weather last week for which south-facing units likely demanded air-conditioning.  This is the latest we have waited for doing the switchover which is perhaps a sign of global warming …).


Trick or Treat


Halloween is coming. Our building has several young children who may be celebrating  this festive event. If you will be home on Thursday evening, October 31, and would welcome the goblins, witches, cowboys, monsters and others who may call, please e-mail Geoff (#1102) at with your unit number and we’ll let the little children in our condo know where to knock on doors.

Thank you.

Planning Update – Ryerson Student Residence Project

Hi all ,

I asked Tom Powers of MPI Group for a quick update on the Ryerson Residence project. As you may recall, they presented their plans to us in June, and have been working with the city planning department over the summer. Here’s the update from Tom:

1198 Glass box Colonnade Study+Context“We have been in to see planning a couple of times.  They seem to be OK with the changes we suggested, but wanted us to set back the ground floor glazing.  We did a couple of sketches to review with them and I have attached the sketch that was provided to planning and which we are proceeding with.  The planning group wanted to have the façade set back further, in an effort to provide additional ‘public’ space and sidewalk area.  The only way we could accomplish this was to set back the ground floor and incorporate the columns into the plan.  Planning appear to be fine with the attached and I think that it probably provides further set back of the façade (which was one of the concerns raised at an initial meeting with the neighbours).

We are in the midst of addressing the staff comments that were made to our application and revising the application to incorporate all the changes from the neighbours (as previously discussed with you save and except the ground floor glazing plan).  I anticipate that we are probably at least a couple of weeks from resubmission as we are waiting on  an engineer report.”

Thanks to Tom for his prompt rely to my request. I’ll let you know if I hear anything further.


Photos from Sunset Soiree

Rooftop soiree 2013

Anthony took a number of photos from our recent Sunset Soiree. They can be viewed by clicking this link – or you can click the photo to the right.

Thanks, Anthony, for sharing the pictures. And thanks to the Social Committee members for organizing the event.

Update from the Board

Greetings from your Board of Directors.

Regarding our new boilers, they are in the mechanical room and will be installed soon. New isolation valves were needed and have now been installed so the boilers are next. We will transition from air conditioning to heat as soon as the weather indicates the need. Watch for signs in the elevator.

The Rules and Regulations committee has been tasked to look at renovation guidelines before sharing with owners. The delay will make a more comprehensive guideline for owners wishing to improve their unit.

Since levered door handles are easier for everyone to manage we will be replacing any orbital handles with levers in the main lobby, garage lobbies, refuse rooms and exits on each floor. Brushed brass will be used everywhere except the main lobby where brushed aluminum will enhance the grey/silver décor.

Our elevators are old and obsolete and although some floor lights are out we are unable to get replacement parts. We are presently reviewing a proposal contract from several elevator consulting firms. Replacing our entire elevator system is scheduled for end 2014 and the necessary steps have begun.

A power outlet on the rooftop near the electrical room has been approved so soon residents enjoying our lovely rooftop can have access to electricity.

Till next time,

Barry, Hildy and Judy

Announcing Changes to 192jarvis Website

Members of the Website Committee have been working hard to make the website a more useful and relevant communications tool for residents of 192 Jarvis. We’ve introduced a couple of changes that we’d like to bring to your attention:

crane1First, it is no longer necessary to log into the site. Most of the site has always been “public,” with only a few pages and posts restricted to residents of 192. We decided that this was not really necessary, as the previously restricted information did not include private information about residents or the management of the building (e.g, fees). So, everything on the site is now available for all to see. This will simplify the site and eliminate the need for log-in names and passwords.

Second, it is now possible for residents to submit posts to the site. Until now, it was necessary to submit posts to the webmaster, who then often needed to retype the text. With the new “Add a New Post” tab (found above), any resident or building committee can submit a post. To help reduce the chance of junk postings from outside the building, we will need to approve your first post. After that, your posts should appear automatically.

We will continue to send periodic email alerts of new posts, so you won’t need to keep checking the site to stay up-to-date. If you haven’t already sent us your email address, please drop us a note at You can always unsubscribe to the alerts, if you so choose.

As always, we welcome your suggestions for the site,

The Website Committee: Margaret (903), Michael (903), Neil (1003), Geoff (1102) & Roy (902)