Update from the Board

Greetings from your Board of Directors. We would like to update you on the latest Board meeting (August) and make this a regular inclusion on our website.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the fresh look of our new entryway carpet enhances our building. A new efficient vacuum cleaner will help to keep it clean.

As Bell Fibe service will be offered in our building, keep a lookout on the notice board for an information session Bell will be setting up for us.

Garden4For all the bicyclists in our building we will be expanding our space by modifying the existing space with new racks in the middle of the room and expansion on the fence perimeter. It will be done at the end of this budget year and will be included in next year’s budget. Just a reminder to remove your bicycle if you no longer use it so our space can become more efficient. It remains one bicycle per person.

Please visit our freshly painted party room. Thanks to Marino in PH02 for his time and painting skill. New black tablecloths and futon cover tie all the colours together and new linoleum will be installed in the kitchen. Photos for the wall will be approved for the 2014 budget.

Privacy shutter discussions continue to be tabled and they will be revisited again by the Décor committee.

Our lawyer has suggested additional items be placed in our Rules and Regulations. They are now in the final stage of approval and should be available soon.

Our elevators are old and parts are obsolete and difficult to replace. While some lights are out they do not constitute a safety issue. The cost effective solution is to keep us all safe yet not spend unnecessarily. Major upgrades are scheduled for end 2014.

The best is saved for last. Our new boiler should be installed and ready to keep us warm by this winter. Further to Dan’s newsletter an update will follow.

Till next time,

Barry, Hildy and Judy

Moss Park Site Walk and Design Session – Discussion Notes

South East View from Rooftop

The City of Toronto held a site walk and discussion on July 17, 2013 to consider possible plans for Moss Park. The following notes, provided by Netami Stuart (landscape architect) and Corinne Fox (note-taker, parks planner), may be of interest to residents of 192 Jarvis:

Meeting Purpose

The meeting involved a 30 minute site walk followed by a facilitated group discussion. The purpose of the meeting was to build on the ideas from the brainstorming session that GDRA and Friends of Moss Park conducted in October 2012. The next step is for Netami to incorporate the ideas into concept plan options to be reviewed in a public consultation process.

Ideas that were discussed and that will be incorporated into the concept plans

  •  Animate park, create points of focus, and open sightlines into the park
  • Jogging path around path (approx 500m)
  • Outdoor Adult Exercise Equipment
  • Music/arts venue
  • Placemaking via signage and art
  • Dog off-leash area along Queen Street frontage
  • Outdoor community ice rink
  • Melt pad for snow
  • Tennis wall
  • Furniture for recreation programs (ie. Dominos club)
  • Ping pong table
  • Lighting on pathways

Items to Repair/Improve

  • Improve entrance to Community Centre – Corinne to find out if this capital project is already underway
  • Widen and repair walkway at western edge
  • Improve/beautify armory fence
  • Resurface playing field
  • Install movable soccer goal posts
  • Repair community garden fence and tap
  • Improve circulation to Arena drop off
  • Improve pedestrian access to arena

Ideas from 2012 that are not feasible or are not implementable through landscape architecture

  •  Bring Taddle creek to the surface along Shuter Street – would be a major infrastructure project, and would consume a large area of the park
  • Install Outdoor toilets – would be a servicing and infrastructure project with limited benefit as park users can currently use the community centre
  • Installation of crosswalk at Queen and George Streets – is too close to the Queen and Jarvis intersection, and would confuse drivers
  • Install wooden dance floors in John Innes Community Centre – not a landscape architecture project
  • Weight room upgrades – not a landscape architecture project

Next Steps

Public consultation on the concept plans (timing to be determined, but likely Fall or Winter 2013)