Are you getting our email alerts? You might need to check your Spam folder

We send periodic email alerts to residents of 192 Jarvis who have registered with the website. The alerts notify you of recent postings and changes to the site, so you don’t have to constantly check the site to see what is new. A few residents have noticed that their alerts are being tagged as “spam” by their email software. The messages are sent to their “spam” or “junk mail” folder. These residents do not realize that they received an alert.

We send an alert every week or two, so if you are have registered for the site and have not been receiving a periodic email alert, you might want to check your spam folder. You should be able to mark the message as “not spam.” If the problem continues, we’ll change the way we send alerts.

Please contact us at if you have any questions,

Roy (#902), Neil (#1003), and Margie & Michael (#903), Website Committee