Annual BBQ a Great Success!

SONY DSCThe annual BBQ was a great success again this year. About 50 residents of 192 Jarvis enjoyed good food and the good company of their neighbours. The skies looked a bit unsettled, but in the end, the weather cooperated.

Among his many other abilities, Anthony is an skilled photographer, and he provided a series of photos of the event. The photographs can be found here or under the “About 192 Jarvis” tab.

Many thanks to the Social Committee for all their work organizing and hosting the BBQ and to Dan Van W., who generously provided selection of cheeses – each of which were marked by the flag of their country of origin, thanks to Sam Z (#1202).

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We send an alert every week or two, so if you are have registered for the site and have not been receiving a periodic email alert, you might want to check your spam folder. You should be able to mark the message as “not spam.” If the problem continues, we’ll change the way we send alerts.

Please contact us at if you have any questions,

Roy (#902), Neil (#1003), and Margie & Michael (#903), Website Committee


Summary of Ryerson Residence Meeting: June 13, 2013

Don W (#1402) is chairing efforts at 192 Jarvis to respond to plans for the new Ryerson student residence. He provides the following summary of a recent meeting in which the developers presented their revised plans.

Meeting Attendees: MPI Group: Tom Powers, Mike Stein and Ben Alexander; IBI Group Architects: Melvyn Bamberg; Ryerson University, Capital Projects: Manuel Ravinsky; Hazelburn Coop: Lynda H.  and Bob D.; 192 Jarvis Street: Barry O (#1002), Michael M. (#903), Rob L (#701), Michael M. (#504), Serge L (#404), Roy C. (#902) and Don W (#1402).

This meeting was requested by Tom Powers to advise us of the changes made to the Ryerson Residence proposal. The applicant will meet with the planner in a few weeks to determine if further revisions are required. The final proposal will be submitted after that meeting. The revisions and matters discussed include the following:

  • A second level of visitor parking will be added, which will increase the number of spaces from 16 to 34.
  • A space behind the building has been created to enable garbage trucks to back into, and then turn and exit via the laneway to the west.
  • The wall to be constructed on the south side of the ramp to the underground parking will be raised to prevent people gaining access to the back yards of the Hazelburn Coop.
  • The laneways at the back of the building will be widened to comply with City requirements.
  • There will be 6 spaces available at grade for deliveries and parking for trade people, four of which will be located in the space used for garbage pickup.
  • The north outdoor amenity terrace has been removed and designated as roof space.
  • The north facing window of the common area at the northeast corner of the building (the window looking onto the 03 living room windows) will be glazed or covered.
  • The front of the building has been significantly changed. Bays at the north and south ends of the building will align with the fronts of 192 Jarvis and Hazelburn, respectively. Concerns about these notches being use for loitering have been addressed by placing the doorways of the 2 commercial spaces in those bays. The centre of the building will extend to the property line.
  • It is premature to determine what will go into the 2 commercial spaces. They are too small for a fast food chain like MacDonald’s. The spaces cannot be combined.
  • The developer was requested to move the tower further from 192 Jarvis Street. They expressed concern for the views of the residents and then expressed a more important concern, that doing so would require major changes to the foundation and support structures, which would not be practical. The separation will be 7.5 metres from the edge of our balconies to the residence tower.
  • The western extension of the building to the property line has been removed, which will significantly reduce the shadowing impacts on 192 Jarvis. It will also prevent the back of the building being “boxed in” when the property to the west will eventually be developed. As a compromise, the lost bedrooms will be replaced through a 3 storey addition to the height of the building, to a total height of 30 storeys. The narrower north elevation also results in a more attractive building.
  • The shadow impact study will have to be updated. We requested a copy of that report when completed.
  • The back entrance has been reworked to become a secondary rather than a primary entrance.
  • The target is to begin construction in spring of 2014.
  • MPI will own the land and building. They will also be responsible for maintaining the property. Ryerson will operate the residence. MPI pointed out that because they will retain ownership, unlike condo developers, they are more committed to the proper upkeep of the building.

Annual General Meeting 2013

The next AGM of the condo corporation is scheduled for June 20, 2013 in the Party Room. The door opens at 6:30 pm for sign-in, and the meeting starts at 7:00. Material for the meeting is in the mail, and should arrive this week on Monday or Tuesday.

Discussion on balcony privacy screens – June 12

The Decor Committee will hold its next meeting on Wednesday, June 12th at 7PM in the Party Room.

The purpose of the meeting is to continue the discussion about privacy screens for balconies.

Anyone interested in attending the meeting or joining the Décor Committee is welcome to attend. If you have any questions, please contact: Victoria D. (#402) – Chair, Décor Committee, at