Summary of meeting regarding Ryerson Residence Plans

Rye Res PicAs you may know, a meeting was organized to discuss the plans for a new Ryerson residence. Don W provides notes of the discussion at the May 14th meeting. In attendance were: MPI Group (the developer),  IBI Group Architects, Ryerson University (Capital Projects), Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office, Hazelburn Coop, and 192 Jarvis Street. Our representatives were Barry O. (#1002), Michael M. (#903) and Don W (#1402).

MPI was not able to provide a revised design for us to evaluate.  The original proposal is still in circulation with various City departments.  The design will be changed when all of the feedback is received, rather than on an incremental basis.

North Outdoor Amenity Terrace

  • Ryerson said the door would be locked and students would not have access.  They offered to provide a letter saying access would be restricted.
  • MPI and their architect said the area won’t be designed as a terrace.  However, they will need to provide access to ventilation equipment on the roof of the podium.
  • We questioned the amount of noise coming from the equipment and the architect assured us that it would be no worse than a window air conditioner.
  • Discussion ended with MPI saying in the final plans for approval, the space would be shown as a roof area, covered with roofing material.
  • The representative from Councillor Wong Tam`s office said that this would be secured through the site planning process.

Ventilation Equipment on Podium Roof

  • Architect said it was too early to determine what equipment would be necessary.
  • We expressed our concerns about fumes from cooking.

North Facing Window of Northeast Corner Common Area

  • One of two windows looking out on 03 balconies, it will be removed, screened or otherwise addressed so that balconies cannot be seen.

Front of Building

  • Will be redesigned so it is set back to align with Hazelburn and 192 Jarvis.

Protrusion of Building at Northwest Corner

  • We told them this was the most important issue as far as we were concerned, and that the 3 western most bedrooms have to be removed.  We told them that the building was too tall, but if it came to choosing between the extension to the west and the height of the building, we choose to remove the extension.  The total number of bedrooms we want removed only amounts to the equivalent of 3 storeys.

Garbage Trucks Turning

  • The laundry room behind a small delivery parking nook will be relocated, and the parking space lengthened to allow garbage trucks to turn around.
  • Extending the parking space will make it and the laneway more visible to people manning the building’s security desk.

Visitor Parking

  • A second floor of parking, which will double the amount of parking spots to 35, is being considered.  The extra level will simplify construction because it will sit directly on bedrock.

Other Matters

  • Ryerson purchased the Sears parking lot for future development.  There are no specific plans and it is likely to remain a parking lot for a very long time.
  • At one point, the architect speculated about letting the students have access to the green roof.  Ryerson made it quite clear that they will not allow such access.
  • Ryerson mentioned that they want the students on the campus, and not hanging around here.
  • After the meeting, the representative from the City Councillor`s office said that because the City owns the laneway, it has more leverage than usual in getting a suitable building.