Decor Committee Meeting – May 9th

There will be a meeting of the Decor Committee on

Thursday, May 9th at 7PM

in the Party Room.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the budget and privacy screens for balconies.

Anyone interested in joining the committee is welcome to attend.

If you have any questions, please contact Victoria D. (#402), Acting Chairperson, Decor Committee at

Open House to discuss Ryerson Residence

Rye Res Pic

 Residents of 192 Jarvis are invited to an OPEN HOUSE

Tuesday, May 7 at 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

in the Party Room

How will the Ryerson Residence Impact our Building?
Examine the Building Plans
Read the Response of City Planner
See the Shadow Impact Study
Meet Your Representatives
Check out our Concerns and Response
Chat with Other Residents

Summary of April 23th mtg re: Ryerson residence

A group of residents met on April 23rd to discuss next steps regarding the Ryerson residence. Here is Don’s (#1402) summary of the discussion:

  • We reviewed the project plans for the Ryerson Residence, and the Shadow Impact Study.
  • Decided to hold an open house from 5:00 to 7:00 on Tuesday May 7th.
  • Don will contact planner to confirm that garbage pickup area is not covered.  Will also confirm that the north amenity terrace is not covered and accessed through a door on the second floor.
  • Michael M. will get copies of the planner’s letter responding to the proposal for distribution at the open house.
  • Geoff will arrange for bulletin for elevator (see next post)
  • Decided to invite a couple of people from Hazelburn


Local Reaction to another condo development

South West View form RooftopResidents of 192 Jarvis may be  feeling a bit surrounded, with Pace to the north of us and the proposed Ryerson residence to our south. But these are not the only development projects in our immediate area. The corner of Shuter and Dalhousie is also slated for a 29-storey condominium project (64 – 70 Shuter Street).

Neighbours at 75 Dalhousie St. and  76 Shuter St. have written an open letter outlining their concerns about this development. Their letter can be found here.

You may also be interested in a recent article on that was cited in their letter. The article describes Ryerson’s development plans for the local area: Ryerson’s ‘Master Plan’ Explained.

Looking back, who would have guessed that we would now be living in such a hot and happening area??

Summary of Meeting with City Planner

A group of residents from 192 Jarvis met with the city planner on April 12th to discuss the Ryerson residence. Here, courtesy of Don W., is a summary of the discussion.

Shadow Impact Study:

The study shows shadowing of the proposed Ryerson residence at different times of day during the Summer Solstice and the Spring and Autumn Equinox.

During the Summer Solstice:

  • At least half of the rooftop will receive sun from 11:00 to sunset.
  • No shadowing on 01 west facing windows
  • Sun begins to shine on 04 west facing windows around 11:00

Spring and Autumn Equinox:

  • Sun begins to shine on rooftop around 2:00, on ½ of rooftop around 3:00 and all of rooftop around 4:30
  • Sun begins to shine on 01 west facing windows around 2:00
  • Sun begins to shine on 04 west facing windows around 3:00

Planning Department’s Response to Application

We were provided with a copy of the letter sent by the planner to the consultants representing Ryerson (a copy of the letter can be found here).  It states that:

  • The height of the tower should be reduced
  • The rear protrusion of the building, located at the northwest corner should be eliminated
  • Should increase separation between tower and 192 Jarvis.
  • Align the base of the building with the street wall, i.e. set back the building to align with Hazelburn and 192 Jarvis
  • Increase vehicular parking and bicycle parking.

The consultants are known to play hard ball with the City in negotiations. Were told that it is preferable to reach an agreement with the applicant because the “as of right” envelope would be worse (can build right to the property line) than what is being proposed.  They can also appeal matter to OMB, which generally favours developer.

In same breath, the planner said that City owns the laneway that splits the property and is under no obligation to sell it if the proposal isn’t acceptable.

If the west extension is eliminated they would lose 3 beds per floor, or the equivalent of 3 storeys.  We discussed the trade off and decided that height was secondary to eliminating the extension.

We discussed the north amenity terrace and were told it was open to the air, but at ground level.  Looking at the site plans there is a large amenity space at ground level, covered with a skylight, from the middle of our podium to just past the west end of our podium.  There is an additional uncovered outdoor amenity area on the second floor directly below the 03 master bedrooms.

Other Neighbourhood Matters

  • Ryerson has just completed purchasing the Sears parking lot.
  • The proposal on the Hilton Garden Inn site has been changed dramatically.  There will be a 45 storey tower at the west end of the site (roughly same height as Pace).  There will be a slab like 16 storey extension toward the west end of the site.
  • Filmore’s is not likely to be redeveloped in the near future.  He said that under the neon it is an attractive historical building the City would like to see preserved.  Furthermore, the City is no longer issuing permits for strip clubs, so the ones remaining are extremely valuable.  The parking lot beside can be developed, but probably in the 8 storey range.
  • The owner of the parking lot to the west of our building has been in the office to see what can go up.  Planner said something could be built in the 10 to 12 storey range.

Update on Ryerson Residence

A group of residents of 192 Jarvis met in the party room on April 9th to discuss concerns with the proposed development. Don W provides the following summary of the discussion:

Working Group Committee Meeting (Summary)

 Working Group Committee membership:

  • Don was chosen as the representative
  • Michael Maclean as the alternate
  • Barry and Roy described their experiences with the Working Group process for the Pace development.  More than one person can be present at the meetings.

Section 37 Benefits

  • Discussion should not be limited to Sears parking lot.
  • Rob wanted specific mention of Moss Park
  • Hildy felt that the parking lot to the west of us would be a good place for a parkette.


  • It was felt that outreach to other residents of the building was necessary.
  • Don mentioned possibility of conducting a survey of residents concerning impact of proposal
  • Rob will contact the MPP’s office.  He will also try to contact someone from the Grand Hotel.
  • Don will contact CCVT for their input.
  • Barry will begin the process of contacting other buildings in the area.  Hildy mentioned that in the Pace process we were all on our own.
  • Roy and James will pursue their contacts with Ryerson.  We want to know what their plans are for the area, and to participate where appropriate.

Meeting on the Ryerson Residence

Along with Hazelburn, we recently requested Councillor Wong-Tam to set up a working committee for area residents to discuss the Ryerson Proposal. That committee will consist of area residents, the planner, Ryerson representatives and our councillor.  We are meeting to discuss matters related to this committee, along with other matters on Tuesday April 9th at 6:00 in the party room.  To download a tentative agenda, including some discussion points, click here.

For those not involved in the committee, this meeting should provide information on the issues, a discussion of our positions on various matters, and ways in which we can all can participate in protecting the quality of life in our building.  We hope to see you there.

Don W.

Response from Councillor Wong-Tam’s Office

City Councillor Wong-Tam’s office has responded to Don’s letter from last week. Please contact the councillor and/or Don with your questions and concerns, and please let Don know if you are interested in getting involved in organizing a group response to the plans (You can send your message to the webmaster, and we’ll forward it to the appropriate people).

Here is the text of Councillor Wong-Tam’s message:

Hi everyone,
I have heard back from Planning & the Councillor and they both support a working group process.  Councillor Wong-Tam has asked if you can kindly outline the main issues you would like addressed.  She also requests that you identify a main contact from each Board that will sit on the working group and represent each building and also an alternate contact.
Giulio Cescato, from City Planning has provided comments to the applicant that address some of the issues you have already raised with him.  He suggests that we wait until they have provided a response to these issues before we initiate the process.  I will confirm with Giulio, when he expects to hear back.
In the meantime, please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.
Warm regards,
Melissa Wong
Executive Assistant to
Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam
Ward 27, Toronto Centre-Rosedale
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West, Suite A5
Toronto, ON  M5H 2N2

Summary of meeting re: Ryerson Residence Proposal

Several owners from 192 Jarvis met with owners from the Hazelburn Cooperative, to our south, to discuss the proposed Ryerson residence. We had a constructive conversation in which we identified a number of common concerns with the preliminary plans. Key concerns were the set back from Jarvis Street, the extension of the back of the building (which will block sun to 192), the access to the laneway, and the size of the planned building.

We agreed to work together in responding to the plans, and to seek the establishment of a working group comprised of local residents, the Councillor, the city planner, the developer and Ryerson University. Here is a letter that was sent by Don W. to the local city councillor on behalf of concerned residents of 192 Jarvis:

Dear Councillor Wong-Tam,

On Wednesday of last week, several residents of 192 Jarvis Street met with members of the Hazelburn Coop to discuss the proposed Ryerson Residence between the two buildings.  We were looking for ways in which we can coordinate our efforts in responding to that proposal.  We felt that the working group committee you set up for Pace was a very useful forum for discussion, and as a result, the developer did make some of the changes that were requested.  We decided that a similar working group should be set up for the Ryerson proposal involving the residents of our two buildings, Ryerson University, the planner and yourself.

I have been asked by the Board of Directors of M.T.C.C. 615 (192 Jarvis) to request that you set up a working group committee for the Ryerson residence proposal.  A similar request will be coming from Hazelburn.

I have been appointed by the Board to coordinate our building’s efforts.

Thank you very much, and we look forward to hearing from you.

We invite anyone who has concerns about the proposed student residence and who wishes to get involved in discussions about the proposal to contact Don or to send a message to the For more information, see the previous posting from February 12, 2013. Over the coming weeks, we will be posting updates on